• «Milligan’s exceptional photography encompasses this rich diversity – the pictures are not ordinary coffee-table fodder» – The Times
  • Leica Photography Workshop at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Terabithia Fundaciones / Alladale / UK

Capture Alladale’s old-growth forests and reforested riverbanks, which weave and tumble through an awe-inspiring, panoramic landscape. Photograph the most anticipated events of the UK wildlife calendar: capture the brilliant purples of the heather blossom; document the Atlantic salmon run; witness the start of the red deer rut; and look to the skies for golden eagles. Alladale Wilderness Reserve’s 100 square kilometers of rugged mountains, forests, rivers and lochs are located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, just 1 hour north of Inverness. The Reserve is easily accessible via road, via the well maintained A9 along the east coast towards Tain.

This is an opportunity to hone your photography skills at one of Scotland’s most dramatic locations and leading landscape restoration projects. You will be staying at Alladale Lodge with all the wonderful amenities and ‘conscious cuisine’ prepared by your personal chef, Natasha. Max Milligan, one of the UK’s most celebrated photographers, is your guide and tutor for the week.

Part of National Geographic‘s ‘Best of the World: six places to rediscover nature for 2021 and beyond’, Alladale Wilderness Reserve is your 23,000-acre utopia – located just an hour’s drive north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. From dramatic glens and colourful hills to glistening rivers and native wildlife, Alladale will capture your heart. «Our conservation work is well documented and includes extensive native tree planting, peatland restoration, outdoor learning for teenagers, and multiple wildlife projects. Your stay contributes directly to the work of our charity partner The European Nature Trust which supports wildlife and conservation projects across Europe», says Paul Lister, founder and chair of this foundation for nature conservation and rewilding.

Leica Photography Workshop at Alladale Wilderness Reserve – Book now | Leica Camera Online Store UK (leica-camera.com)

Paul Lister, The European Nature Trust. Photo: Eduardo Fdez. / Terabithia Stock
In March 2021 a new volcano erupted in Iceland where none had appeared for 800 years. Max Milligan managed to escape the UK lockdown and spend 3 months capturing images from intimate close ups to panoramics on foot, by plane and helicopter. He was the only one of over 200 photographers to capture the aurora borealis directly over the lava spewing crater. His lecture includes stunning pictures, extraordinary adventures, hilarious moments and some nudity

Max Milligan is an author and fine art photographer renowned for his painterly eye and the fact that he uses no filters, flash and only minimal digital correction in his work, preferring natural and available light. With eight books published and two in production, his titles have appeared in The Times Top Ten Travel Books of the Year and Condé Nast Traveller Book of the Month. He began his career working as a wildlife cameraman for the BBC and National Geographic Video in the Amazon jungle before becoming a documentary editor at the BBC and Channel 4 in London. Since 1993 he has solely focussed on writing and photographing for book and exhibition projects.

His artworks hang in private and corporate collections worldwide including the prestigious Deutsche Bank collection in London and his fine art books are sold around the world including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Previous exhibitions include Kensington Palace, City Hall London and The European Parliament. Max’s words and pictures have appeared in newspapers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, FT, Guardian, Independent and magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Condé Nast Traveller, FT How to spend it, New Scientist, Saturday Telegraph Magazine and Porter.

Commissions include a year behind the scenes with The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, the floor of the LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange) and other situations where his presence had to be completely inconspicuous.  He was the only photographer to have free rein at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales and never sold his pictures to the press, supplying images solely to the families and military regiments. Notably he is also the only photographer ever to have taken a picture of a wolf in the wild in Lebanon.