• Travel is changing; by making the sustainable decision to journey to wild Europe, you can experience the rich wildlife and stunning landscapes of our continent.
  • There is no need to traverse the globe this winter: check out European nature, and directly contribute to conservation
  • Each trip includes a donation to CBD-Habitat Foundation – a The European Nature Trust (TENT) partner, working to expand the population of Iberian lynx in Spain

Terabithia Press / The European Nature Trust / Fundación CBD-Hábitat

20 years ago the Iberian lynx was on the brink of extinction.  However during the last two decades, due to concerted conservation efforts, the population has increased from 100 individuals in just two populations to almost 1500 across southern Iberia.

This trip offers unique experiences that connect people to nature and raise funds for the protection of the Andalucian lynx and its wilderness. This itinerary demonstrates the perfect synergy of tourism and conservation working hand-in-hand. A donation to the local lynx project is included in the cost of travel to support the conservation work. This includes the restoration of habitats, monitoring populations, anti-poaching initiatives and the mitigation of wildlife-human conflict. 100% of all donations are given directly to the conservation project.

The European Nature Trust actively supports and funds CBD-Habitat in their efforts to restore Iberian lynx populations to a broader area of their historic range in Spain. Through this partnership with Steppes Travel, you can visit Lynxland in Andalucia and support this conservation effort. Unforgettable!

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Dehesa: Forest Of The Iberian Lynx

Sometimes called the Spanish Serengeti, the Dehesa is the Iberian Peninsula’s best kept secret. It is the home of the Iberian lynx, which prowls among the holm oaks, cork trees and gall oaks. This complex ecosystem is one of the few remaining European landscapes still regulated by its native flora and fauna. 

Brought to us by renowned BBC and National Geographic wildlife documentary director Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha, the film aimed to stir engagement with Iberian biodiversity. The European Nature Trust was proud to sponsor the film’s production, hosting the UK premiere in September 2021.

Conservation Actions See Iberian Lynx Claw Back From Brink Of Extinction

It’s midday in summer, the mercury climbing above 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit), and nature guide Nuno Roxo is leading us on a hike in Guadiana Valley National Park in Portugal. The high grass and herbs, battered by the strong sun, have not seen any rain for several months. We continue down a narrow trail, used by wildlife such as boars and deer. Rabbits bolt off into the bushes.

The scenario looks promising for the return of the region’s top predator, for which rabbits are the favorite prey: the Iberian lynx. Nuno says that in his many years of guiding, he’s only caught a glimpse of the elusive cats once, quickly whizzing by. The best chance to see them, he says, is by the sheep pens, where the lynx lie in ambush — but not for the sheep.

“The lynx catch the foxes that come to kill the sheep, so the landowners appreciate having lynx on their property,” Nuno says….

By Johan Augustin, originally published on Mongabay

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Conservation actions see Iberian lynx claw back from brink of extinction – The European Nature Trust

Ubeda Cathedral, Andalucia, Spain

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Lynx Tracking in Andalucia – Suggested Itinerary – Steppes Travel